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After many years in the commercial diving area, installing offshore cables and pipes, cleaning ship hulls, constructing moorings, salvaging ships etc. we decided to put all our experience in the recreational diving area. But this happened gradually like all good things in life.
Working for so long in a very strict and full of hardship environment made as experts in making our little time off intervals really count.

First came the place. We chose the small island of Agistri , not only because of its proximity to Piraeus Port but also for the wonderful scenery that provides over and under the sea surface. Here we did all our leisure diving and discovered a lovely cove in Dorousa Island where we prepared our barbeques to add a bit of spender in our lives.

Then came the salvaging of Astrolavos . Well now we had the means to invite more friends to join our private paradise, as we like to call Agistri. One thing lead to another and the ideas to create a small diving center and a traditional boat island tour to share with everybody, formed our business.

You can hardly call a diving center with a decompression chamber on board our support ship Captain Babis, a boat like Astrolavos and our diving expertise small but we don't like to brag.

As we did with our friends we would like to invite you all in our love for diving and the good life.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need us to handle your travel arrangements.

Why We Differ

We not only want to fulfill every diver's desire of all levels but we strive to make it a perfect day for all people of all ages who are not divers and just want to have a relaxing day on board Astrolavos. All our efforts focus on the combination of diving and an unforgettable island tour.

We want people to share our love and passion for diving and the sea. We want them to try diving and feel the underwater sensation. We take great pride on our Padi Discover Scuba Divers.

Of course we give special courses and attention to the children.

The dive sites are plenty and a stone's throw from where we make our lengthy stop on our permanent mooring point in Dorousa Island.

And on top of all that we offer an all you can eat and drink BBQ. That is why we like to call it Traditional Greek BBQ. In this area we keep our knowledge and expertise TOP secret and we apologize but we don't share our recipes.

And if that is not enough and you still want something more to do, you can stretch your legs by following the path to the Monastery which offers a great view of the Saronic Gulf.

Interdive Team


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Island Tour

Here is an attempt for a short description to our full day cruise.

We board our pride and joy Astrolavos, our 14mt traditional wooden ship and we make our way to the eastern side of the island. We sail along Skliri beach and the well-known Chalikiada nudist beach and travel south through some beautiful coastline.

Reaching the south untouched side of the island we come to some wonderful blue water coves and we visit some magnificent caves inhabited by swifts, rock doves and lesser kestrels. Here we make our first stop for swimming, snorkeling,some complimentary refreshments and a light snack. Just a small taste from what follows.

Refreshed we continue our journey towards a nearby beautiful island, Dorousa, where we come upon the wreck Avantis III. Thanks to the clear water, visibility is high allowing snorkelers to view upon a big part of it.

Astrolavos continues to a nearby protected cove on Dorousa where we make our lengthy stop and prepare our first time divers for their taste of the deep. All our dive spots for the experienced divers are nearby and we go by our rib.

There we also have our world famous, to say the least, Greek BBQ with local tastes and plenty of wine.

Overlooking the cove there is Prophet Elijah's monastery with great view over the Saronic Gulf, just an easy climb away.

On our way back from the western side of the island we come upon Dragonera, a shallow water sandy beach full of pine trees reaching the shore, where we make our last farewell stop.

Looking forward to welcoming you on board and allowing us to be your guide to some serious fun.

Small adjustments can be made on the route depending on weather conditions.

Dive Sites


Avantis III Wreck
Depth: 16-32m

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Avantis III Wreck Propeller
Depth: 40-47m

A daring dive for Deep Divers only!

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Dorousa Island West Cape
Depth: 10-40m

One of the most interesting wall dives with some great rock formations. As for depth as much as we plan.

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Dorousa Island Canyon
Depth: 10-30m

Another wall dive with various things to see, including a sunken small boat.

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Dorousa Island East Cape
Depth: 10-30m

A rich fishing spot. We keep our hopes up for this place.

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Dorousa Island Old Dock
Depth: 16-25m

Shallow and lengthy dive also very beautiful! We dive this spot for check dives, beginners and easy going divers.

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Ammui Cape

You cannot call it a cave dive but there are two in this site. Amazing rock formations!

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Agistri Island Skilomagkas Cape
Depth: 10-35m

A large variety of sea fauna in this site.

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Agistri Island Aponisos
Depth: 10-30m

An excellent dive for qualified open water divers and above. A lovely tour from the south side leading to the Aquarium on the tip of this small island.

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Our 14mt wooden yacht comes with great history,from her builder to her first owners to the sea and then to us.

Astrolavos was built in Perama in 1965 by Manolis Psarros a great craftsman and boat builder.
His shipyard is one of the oldest and he is the first builder of yachts in Greece.

Manolis Psarros contribution to the development and preservation of wooden boatbuilding tradition is enormous.

He is the honorary chairman on the board of directors of the Greek Traditional Yachts Association.
Astrolavos was built for the Benakopoulos family and first named Capetan Kostis, was loved and cherished until he took on water and rested in the bottom of her anchorage moor.

This is where Interdive Team comes on the scene. Our love for tradition and excellency motivated us to salvage her and restore her to her original pristine shape. Small modifications were made and she was ready to be our cruise diving boat.

If you dive why not dive in style. The rest is history.


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